Free Fresh Cut
Un-split Wood Rounds
& Wood Chips (Mulch)

We Recycle Trees
We periodically have fresh cut un-split wood rounds and wood chips (mulch) available for free. Sign up below to be notified of availability of either.

Un-split rounds are cut to fireplace length but vary in diameter. Rounds will be stacked curbside and ready to load. We will advise you of larger rounds that may require extra hands to load. With notice, you may drop off your trailer and we will load the rounds for you. You agree to take all the wood left for you, which may include some knots, forks or portions rotting as these occur naturally in trees.

Wood chips are dropped off to a location in NoVA that is dump truck accessible (no overhead wires or low-hanging trees). We pick drop off locations based on proximity to our job site and will confirm with you prior to delivery. Priority is given to folks who offer $ for gas.
Wood (Un-split Rounds)
Wood Chips (Mulch)
Signing up below does NOT guarantee you will receive wood rounds or chips.

Our name is a commitment - We use your tree & yard wast to make: Mulch, Firewood & Lumber
We also have mushroom logs and comb honey available.

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We will drop off the wood chips via dump truck. Drop-off location must be wide enough to give access to the dump truck.
Priority is given to those who offer something toward our gas expense.
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